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mental fitness

Upcoming Book Chapter: Keys to a Good Life

Keys to a Good Life - Coming Soon Don't Miss Dr. Hickman's Book Chapter! Dr. Hickman is one of the contribution authors in Keys to a Good Life: Wisdom to Unlock Your Power Within. Her chapter on mental fitness is designed to provide a working definition of mental fitness along with tips to improve … [Read More...]

What is mental fitness

What is Mental Fitness: Finding Life Work Balance

What is Mental Fitness: Well, How About a Little Balance I loved the seesaw when I was a kid. The goal was to see how high I could spring up and how quickly I could get my partner in the air. But the principle of the seesaw is always the same:  if I am up, you are down and if you are up, then I am … [Read More...]

Women supporting women

Women Supporting Women: Imagine That

Women Supporting Women: Why Is This So Hard? I was having a conversation with my daughter (Tori) the other day about a book that I am writing. It is about helping women develop skills across all major areas of life (i.e., mental, emotional, social, spiritual, physical, financial, industrial/career … [Read More...]

why anxiety

Why Anxiety: Nature Vs. Nurture

Why Anxiety is Both Nature and Nurture Why anxiety haunts some people and not others begs the question as to whether anxiety is fundamentally constitutional (i.e., part of a genetic inheritance) or learned (i.e., created by environmental factors). As with most nature vs. nurture debates, the answer … [Read More...]