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mental fitness

Upcoming Book Chapter: Keys to a Good Life

Keys to a Good Life - Coming Soon Don't Miss Dr. Hickman's Book Chapter! Dr. Hickman is one of the contribution authors in Keys to a Good Life: Wisdom to Unlock Your Power Within. Her chapter on mental fitness is designed to provide a working definition of mental fitness along with tips to improve … [Read More...]

Developing an Open Heart

How to Change: Developing an Open Heart

Have You Wondered How to Change: Developing an Open Heart is One Key I meet a lot of unhappy people. People who are frustrated with their own behavior and they keep asking the question, "How do I change me?"  It is one thing to recognize you need to change something, but another thing entirely to … [Read More...]

Reshape Your Mood

Reshaping Moods

How Reshaping Moods is Possible with Action I subscribe to Michael Hyatt's blog. I love to hear from and connect with folks who share a similar view of mental fitness as I do, (though they may not call it that). Mr. Hyatt is one of those individuals. In the blog I received today, he is essentially … [Read More...]

Talk About Your Joys

Joysting: Talking About Your Joys

Develop the Habit of Joysting: How Talking About Your Joys Changes Your Outlook I loved this pic because it is so darn true! Why we waste so much time mourning and moaning, complaining and blaming is a bit of a mystery. Beyond the temporary relief this brings in "getting it all off your chest," … [Read More...]