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mFit Moment: Loving Yourself

Loving Yourself: Disorders of the Soul Just Because You Believe a Lie Does Not Make it True Close your eyes for a moment. Now concentrate and pull up the feeling you get by loving yourself. Yes, on purpose, think about how loving yourself makes you feel. With intent and purpose, say "I love you, Su … [Read More...]

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mFit Moment: To Be

To Be: It's All About Balance Many people have a lot of difficulty finding balance...they literally do not know how to be without being too much or too little. With so much black and white or all-or-nothing thinking, people find themselves in extremes. They believe people are either good or they … [Read More...]

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mFit Moment: Inner Wisdom

We All Have Inner Wisdom One of the things I love the most about Life Coaching is the assumption we make of clients as being capable, willing and whole. Meaning, when approaching clients as a Life Coach versus as a Therapist, we interact with clients with the full expectation that they already have … [Read More...]