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mental fitness

Upcoming Book Chapter: Keys to a Good Life

Keys to a Good Life - Coming Soon Don't Miss Dr. Hickman's Book Chapter! Dr. Hickman is one of the contribution authors in Keys to a Good Life: Wisdom to Unlock Your Power Within. Her chapter on mental fitness is designed to provide a working definition of mental fitness along with tips to improve … [Read More...]

Reshape Your Mood

Reshaping Moods

How Reshaping Moods is Possible with Action I subscribe to Michael Hyatt's blog. I love to hear from and connect with folks who share a similar view of mental fitness as I do, (though they may not call it that). Mr. Hyatt is one of those individuals. In the blog I received today, he is essentially … [Read More...]

Talk About Your Joys

Joysting: Talking About Your Joys

Develop the Habit of Joysting: How Talking About Your Joys Changes Your Outlook I loved this pic because it is so darn true! Why we waste so much time mourning and moaning, complaining and blaming is a bit of a mystery. Beyond the temporary relief this brings in "getting it all off your chest," … [Read More...]

Avoiding Conflict Never Works

Why Avoiding Conflict Never Works

Dear Avoiders: Avoiding Conflict Never Works! Did you know that conflict actually cannot be avoided, no matter how hard you try? Yes, we can avoid responding to conflict, but we cannot avoid the conflict itself. This is because conflict is a natural part of life and more importantly, it is a cr … [Read More...]